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The Showcase

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Welcome to the Showcase!!!

The Showcase is similar to a Last Icon Maker Standing competition, but a little different. A downside to LIMS is how a great iconmaker could make one mediocre icon and be kicked out of the competition. Here at The Showcase, competetors will create a set of five icons per challenge. When the voting goes up, all 5 icons will be placed together and judged as a collective set. When voting, you will vote for the set of icons that are of the least quality. THIS DOES NOT MEAN ICONS THAT ARE NOT YOUR PERSONAL STYLE. You need to give a critical explanation and constructive criticism of why you feel this set of icons should be voted off including an explanation of problems that all the icons share.

Round 1 Winner: misstress_tink

Round 1 Theme: television
Round 2 Theme: sci-fi

yjk_stillness, ladystillness, actress_lims, firefly_lims, horror_lims, coffee_lims, chosen_lims, veronica_lims, sailormoon_lims, dog_icontest.

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